The following technical papers can be downloaded as PDF files:

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MiniCSU-2/3 Alarm Management

White Paperacro reader
MiniCSU-2/3 Battery Management Overview

White Paperacro reader
MiniCSU-2/3 Industrial Interfaces

Intelec 2004 Paperacro reader
Data Management of Telecommunications Power Systems- The Case for an Open Standard - © IEEE

Intelec 2002 Paperacro reader
Three Phase Power Factor Corrected Isolated Buck for 48V/100A Rectifier with Secondary Active Clamp

Intelec 2000 Paperacro reader
Improved Active Clamp for Secondary Circuits

Intelec 1998 Paperacro reader
Lossless Active Clamp for Secondary Circuits

Intelec 1997 Paperacro reader
Where are the Circuit Breakers

Intelec 1997 Paperacro reader
New Lossless Clamp for Single-ended Converters

Intelec 1995 Paperacro reader
Important System Design Concept for a Modular DC Rack Power System featuring a Single Phase 100A, 48V Switch Mode Rectifier

Intelec 1993 Paperacro reader
Very High Efficiency Techniques

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